Welcome to the site tomyalo.com. This site is a multiple language site. In the first page you see the iformation and instructions and the button main page. You press the button and you go to the page that it says SELECT THE LANGUAGE YOU WOULD LIKE TO READ. Overthere you can select your language or any other language you want to read. Also there is a button which says BLOGS. This takes you to the blog's page. I f you select one of the languages it will take you in the page with three buttons.Dialogues, articles and other websites. Dialogues stands for the sections of languages. Overthere anyone in the future can learn some languages. Articles stands for the section of articles. Overthere anybody can read articles in his language. Also if he wants and he has any ability for writing he can write his article in his language. The third section stands for links. Right now exists only in Greek.Eventually it will be in all languages.

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